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  • Who Carries the Burden of Proof in Expungement Cases?

    Have you ever heard the phrase “innocent until proven guilty?” The criminal justice system is centered around this concept, which is known as the “burden of proof.” Essentially what this means is that one side is going to have the onus to prove the defense is either innocent or guilty. Because an expungement is a criminal proceeding, the same onus is present: one side must prove their part of the ...
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  • Reasons Why a Criminal Record Can Haunt You

    Your public record is an extremely important part of your livelihood in many ways. Every time you have some sort of a public affair, such as changing your name, getting married, or even get a traffic ticket, it is notated in the public record. Your criminal history is also a part of this record, and arguably the most important one. Whenever you are convicted of a crime, your action and sentence ...
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  • Who Gets Custody of Your Pet?

    A 2014 survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers revealed that more than one of every four divorce attorneys reported an increase in the number of pet custody disputes in the past five years. This signals a significant shift that could result in a major change in family law somewhat soon. Pets are often considered to be beloved members of the family. They are best friends, faithful ...
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  • Can I Get a Restraining Order Removed?

    Orders of Protection, or “restraining orders” as they are more commonly known to the general public, are issued to protect abuse and harassment victims from further violence of damage. These orders can be issued relatively easily, particularly in instances of domestic violence or sexual assault, and become legally binding immediately upon their issue. Once one of these orders is issued, they can ...
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  • Five Ways to Sabotage Your DUI Defense

    If you are arrested for driving drunk, you will have a very limited amount of time to assemble your defense before your hearing in court. It is strongly advised that you retain an attorney to help you face your charges, and while one can dramatically improve your defense, there are a few things you can do that will sabotage your case, no matter what they do. On this blog, we examine five ways you ...
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  • Steps to Take When Preparing For Divorce

    Are you facing a divorce case? One of the most important keys to a smoother, less-stressful experience and a positive outcome is thorough preparation and readiness for what lies ahead. Here are nine steps you can take to get prepared for your divorce. 1. Retain an Attorney - Your choice of divorce attorney is extremely important, as you will be entrusting their legal ability with a large chunk of ...
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