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  • When Will I Be Able to Stop Paying Child Support?

    It is important to know when you can stop paying child support so that you can better plan for your financial future. Typically, child support payments stop when the child reaches the age of 18. However, in certain situations, child support payments can be extended beyond the age of 18. This tends to happen when the child is still living at home, attending high school, or has special needs. Age of ...
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  • How Do I Get an Annulment in Tennessee?

    An annulment and a divorce are not the same thing. In a divorce, a valid marriage is terminated by one or both spouses. An annulment means that the marriage in question was never a valid one to begin with. In Tennessee, you can have your marriage annulled if there is a legal reason that proves your marriage was invalid from the beginning. Legal Grounds for an Annulment The following legal grounds ...
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  • Important Things to Talk to Your Divorce Attorney About

    When you get divorced, your attorney will likely ask standard questions, such as: How long were you married? Do you have children? When did you separate from your spouse? What is your income? What is your spouse’s income? What property do you and your spouse own? What property do you and your spouse own separately? However, there are other important questions that your lawyer might not ask you. ...
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  • Is There a Good Time of Year to File For Divorce?

    Divorce is a huge decision that will fundamentally impact the very foundations of your life and your family. When you and your spouse decide to get a divorce, you should also carefully consider how to file and when to file. Believe it or not, immediately going out and starting the divorce process after making the decision to file for divorce can be a fundamentally huge mistake which can wind up ...
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  • Tips for Surviving a Child Custody Battle

    We’ve all heard the horror stories of marriages crumbling and one spouse threatening to emotional harm or physical violence against children or other parties. Not all divorces go smoothly, and not everybody has the emotional control to be able to withstand the immense pressure and strain that can be involved. What this unfortunately means is that sometimes you’ll have no choice: you’ll have to go ...
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  • Who Gets Custody of Your Pet?

    A 2014 survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers revealed that more than one of every four divorce attorneys reported an increase in the number of pet custody disputes in the past five years. This signals a significant shift that could result in a major change in family law somewhat soon. Pets are often considered to be beloved members of the family. They are best friends, faithful ...
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  • Steps to Take When Preparing For Divorce

    Are you facing a divorce case? One of the most important keys to a smoother, less-stressful experience and a positive outcome is thorough preparation and readiness for what lies ahead. Here are nine steps you can take to get prepared for your divorce. 1. Retain an Attorney - Your choice of divorce attorney is extremely important, as you will be entrusting their legal ability with a large chunk of ...
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  • Donald Trump: Our Most Divorced President

    When Donald Trump becomes our 45 th President in January of next year, he will also become our country’s most-divorced President in history, and the only one in history to have been divorced multiple times. His current wife, Melania, is his third spouse. In fact, this is a dramatic shift from a trend that has seen Presidential marriages hold remarkably strong, even through multiple cases of ...
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  • Divorce and Social Media: Do not Wreck Your Case

    Divorce proceedings are not always amicable. In fact, many times either party can get frustrated by their soon-to-be-ex spouse’s actions. In some cases, individuals may direct feelings of anger toward their ex-spouse and post a quick vent on their social media page (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc.). In this day in age, though some may see this as a small, seemingly meaningless post on ...
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