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Divorce and Social Media: Do not Wreck Your Case

Divorce proceedings are not always amicable. In fact, many times either party can get frustrated by their soon-to-be-ex spouse’s actions. In some cases, individuals may direct feelings of anger toward their ex-spouse and post a quick vent on their social media page (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc.). In this day in age, though some may see this as a small, seemingly meaningless post on your page, it could cause legal or financial consequences in your pending divorce.

Social media is not private and can be used against you

In the past decade, social media sites have exploded. Most people from teens to grandparents are linked together to share information, photographs, and, on occasion, vent about situations. Although this may be old news, it is important to remind yourself that social media is never private. Anything your post on the Internet, although you may think it is private, is public and can be accessed. Facebook posts, tweets, photos, etc. can all be used against you by your partner’s divorce attorney as evidence in your divorce case.

This advice is also important in child custody cases. In child custody cases, it does not necessarily need to be something you post. You need to be mindful of what others are posting in connection to you or your children. Objectionable photos or videos of your “shared-custody” child that are posted while the child is in your care could be used against you in a custody cases even if you do not post it on-line.

Be civil with your social media posts

When it comes to social media, the bottom line is for individuals going through a divorce or child custody proceedings to be civil and think before posting anything online. If you have found yourself in this situation and have posted malicious comments regarding your soon-to-be ex, the best thing to do is to own up to the post instead of deleting or covering it up because doing so may prove more damning as evidence in your court proceedings.

If you are going through contentious divorce proceedings or a bitter child custody case, it is important to ‘bite your tongue’ and think before you post a vent on your page or a rant on Twitter that could be taken out of context. Remember, once it is online, it is out there to be used against you.