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Holiday Tips for Divorced Parents

Posted by David L. Clarke | Nov 07, 2016 | 0 Comments

The holidays are stressful for many people, but potentially even more so for families who have recently completed a divorce. While parents may be struggling to figure out how they will spend these last couple months of the year on their own, children often times become stressed, not knowing what lies ahead for them at a time which used to be so full of fun and joy. For some parents, it's easy to forget that children can be equally, if not more impacted emotionally by a divorce than they are. So here are a few tips from our Murfreesboro divorce attorney for helping your family get through this first holiday season.

Give Your Kids a Voice

The best way to help your kids adapt to what's ahead is to give them a voice in the decisions being made and find out what it is they would like. What are some of their favorite traditions? What has them feeling scared or nervous? Try your best to answer these questions and then develop a plan for the holidays that answers these wishes and concerns. Once you do, stick to that plan and keep your promises.

Remain Flexible

As stated previously, once you give your kids a voice, listen to what they say and try your best to make as many of their reasonable requests happen. This may involve both you and your ex remaining flexible with your schedule and visitation, but can ultimately help make the transition to separated life easier for everybody involved.

Don't Compete

The holidays are a time for gift-giving, but not a time for trying to out-do your ex. When deciding what gift to give, try to coordinate with your ex rather than compete with them. This can help you avoid any duplicate gifts as well as set a budget. Since money is usually tight around the holidays, both you and your ex will likely appreciate coming up with some ideas that won't force you to have to declare bankruptcy from buying lavish gifts you can't afford for your kids.

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