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  • How to Gather Evidence to Build Strong Case

    In order to be successful in proving negligence in a personal injury claim, a plaintiff needs to gather as much evidence as possible. The evidence needs to prove that the defendant owed some kind of duty to the plaintiff, that the duty was breached, that the breach resulted in injury, and that the injury occurred for which damages can be paid. The following are some examples of evidence which may ...
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  • 4 Elements of a Personal Injury Claim

    The basis of any personal injury claim is proof of negligence, which is conduct that falls short of reasonable standards for protecting an individual from foreseeable risks of harm. Before you start negotiating your claim, it is critical to understand how to prove all the elements which prove negligence. Understanding and proving exactly how the defendant’s negligence caused your injuries is ...
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  • Types of Public Indecency Offenses

    You’ve probably heard reports of crimes known as “public indecency,” but what you may not know is that this is actually an umbrella term that encompasses several different acts involving either nudity or sexual activity. These actions are usually intended to shock, arouse, or offend others through exhibitionism or promotion of obscenity, and are not protected under the right to “free expression” ...
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  • Your Wrongful Death Claim Questions, Answered!

    If a loved one has recently passed away as a result of injuries or an accident that was no fault of their own, you may have the ability to pursue damages in the form of a wrongful death claim. On this blog, we’ll answer a few of the most common questions we receive about this particular type of claim to help you better understand what your options may be. Do I Have a Wrongful Death Claim? ...
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  • How to Prepare for Your First Court Appearance

    If you’ve never had to appear in court before, being forced to appear before a judge can be one of the most intimidating you’ve ever had to experience. Many people are extremely nervous in the days leading up to this initial appointment, and our clients often ask us if there’s anything they can do to start their case off on the right foot. The good news: there is! And it doesn’t even have to be ...
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  • Tips for Avoiding Parental Alienation After Your Divorce

    Let’s face it, a divorce is never easy. Long among the numerous court dates, arguments, negotiations, and other stresses is the fact that children often feel the effects of a divorce between their parents just as much as their parents do. Because this is such a confusing and stressful time, it’s easy to have a negative influence on your children, perhaps without ever even realizing it. It’s ...
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