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  • Establishing Grandparents’ Rights

    In the event of a divorce, grandparents may fear losing the relationships they’ve developed with their grandchildren. To help with this, the court recognizes a number of viable reasons to grant grandparents visitation rights. However, the process can be long and complicated. Our firm tells you what you need-to-know about establishing grandparents’ rights . Qualifying for Visitation Under Tennessee ...
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  • Tips for Avoiding Parental Alienation After Your Divorce

    Let’s face it, a divorce is never easy. Long among the numerous court dates, arguments, negotiations, and other stresses is the fact that children often feel the effects of a divorce between their parents just as much as their parents do. Because this is such a confusing and stressful time, it’s easy to have a negative influence on your children, perhaps without ever even realizing it. It’s ...
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  • When Will I Be Able to Stop Paying Child Support?

    It is important to know when you can stop paying child support so that you can better plan for your financial future. Typically, child support payments stop when the child reaches the age of 18. However, in certain situations, child support payments can be extended beyond the age of 18. This tends to happen when the child is still living at home, attending high school, or has special needs. Age of ...
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  • What Are the Parental Rights of Unmarried Parents?

    When the parents of a child are married, they are automatically granted parental rights. When the parents are unmarried though, they may struggle to gain their fair parental rights. Tennessee has a number of laws that apply to unmarried parents. Find out more about these laws, and how they affect your rights as an unmarried parent. Parentage In a marriage, it is presumed that the husband is the ...
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