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Breath & Blood Tests in Tennessee

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Evidence of a DUI often comes from the results of a breath or blood test. Many prosecutors will even base the majority of the case on these results. You may be under the impression that this is the end of the road for your case if you blew over the legal limit or if a blood test revealed an abundance of alcohol or drugs in your system.

At The Clarke Law Firm, our Murfreesboro criminal defense lawyers know different, however. We help clients avoid convictions by developing cases that are unique to you. We can carefully assess your breath or blood test results to formulate a defense on your behalf.

When you choose to hire our experienced DUI lawyer, he will zealously strive to acquire evidence that brings into question the reliability of a chemical test. Clarke Law Firm is devoted to get your test results dismissed in court.

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Investigating Your DUI Case

Chemical tests may seem impossible to disprove because of the physical evidence. With a thorough analysis of the following aspects of the test, we can effectively challenge the evidence against you.

  • Method of blood extraction
  • Blood sample storage
  • Preservation of the blood sample
  • Transportation of the blood sample
  • Blood sample analysis

You may even be able to show that the police officer operated outside of the bounds of probable cause.

Some of the questions our firm will assess as we look into your case include:

  • Was the blood drawn within the time specified by law?
  • Was the blood drawn by a person that is certified?
  • Was the proper amount and type of preservative used in the vial used to store the blood?
  • Was the blood properly stored after the test?
  • Is there a sample readily available for the defense to test independently?
  • Are the officials, procedures and equipment used in the test all certified by the proper authorities?

As a member of the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers, our Murfreesboro DUI defense attorney is prepared to turn over every stone to obtain the necessary evidence for an iron-tight defense.

At Clarke Law Firm, We Understand the Stakes You Face!

A DUI conviction can lead to severe consequences, especially if you have past convictions. If you have been charged with drunk driving, it is important that you promptly consult with an attorney who has experience in this area.

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