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What Happens if You Refuse to Perform These “Roadside Gymnastics”?

There are few things more intimidating than having to complete a field sobriety test. These tests are often referred to as “roadside gymnastics,” and for good reason. They can be challenging even for those who have good fitness and balance. Field sobriety tests are a good way for police to collect evidence, and they can be challenging to overcome at trial.

Our advice at Clarke Law Firm is that you refuse to take these tests. If you end up taking them, however, our office can guide you through what to expect. With nearly ten years of legal experience, we are the informed voice you can depend upon.

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Why Field Sobriety Tests Are Difficult to Execute Successfully

One of the things police officers look for during a field sobriety test is how well you can follow instructions. You may be instructed to take nine steps or to hold your foot at a precise angle. If you're taking the test, be prepared to follow the directions exactly. Otherwise, you might end up in handcuffs.

Another factor that makes a field sobriety test difficult to carry out is the pressure it creates. If you fail the test, you will go to jail and can potentially lose your job. We routinely deal with clients who look more intoxicated than they are because of the pressure they feel.

Often, officers will claim that you “failed” the test if you are unable to complete even one of the tasks assigned to you. Our advice would be to avoid taking these tests, but if you do, try to remain calm. Everything you do will be recorded on camera. The video can either be an incriminating piece of evidence or evidence that you were not drunk.

This means that everything matters a great deal, including:

  • Your appearance
  • Your posture
  • The way you speak
  • The way you act toward law enforcement

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