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Older couples have been seeking divorces at a much higher rate recently than in years past. While getting a divorce later can significantly improve the lives of both spouses, these divorces are usually far more complex than one involving a younger couple. As a result, the property division and alimony terms of the agreement can be heavily contested, making the services of a skilled Murfreesboro divorce attorney crucial.

At The Clarke Law Firm, Attorney David L. Clarke has assisted many couples through their complex divorce cases. His goal is to guide them through the process to help better their lives. He takes pride in providing each of his clients with high-quality representation that strives to protect their best interests and livelihood while developing a divorce agreement that is fair and beneficial for the entire family.

We also offer competitive pricing and fast communication to ensure your needs are met quickly and your questions are answered as fast as possible to reduce stress.

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Factors to Consider with Your Gray Divorce

Gray divorces usually are between spouses who have been married for a substantial length of time and have accumulated a mutually large number of assets. On the other hand, older couples who have not been married long may have brought substantial assets into the marriage to begin with, which also complicates the matter.

  • Gray divorcees need to consider the following additional factors in their agreement:
  • Medical insurance, healthcare, and any known health issues
  • Retirement, savings, and other financial accounts
  • Social security benefits
  • Alimony
  • Estate plans, wills & trusts

Because many of these factors are unique to each couple, it is strongly advised you seek out experienced representation for your case.

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