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The parenting plan is arguably the most important part of any divorce in which children are involved. This document defines the roles each parent will have in the lives of their children and the methods by which they will work together and cooperate to continue their lives separately while raising their children together. Therefore, it is important to develop a parenting plan that is not only fair to both spouses, but places the best interests of all children involved at the forefront.

When you and your spouse decide you no longer wish to stay married, get assistance with drafting your family’s parenting plan from a skilled Murfreesboro family attorney. At The Clarke Law Firm, we have substantial experience in family law issues, and may be able to assist you with the creation of a parenting plan that places the best interests of your children first while also being as fair as possible to both spouses.

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Parts of a Parenting Plan

Unless both parents agree to a joint custody arrangement (or it is ordered by the court), there are two types of child custody: physical custody and legal custody. Determining which parent is granted either type of custody is pivotal in the creation of your parenting plan and determining how your family will function in the future.

A parenting plan can help you determine the following important aspects of your divorce:

  • Visitation
  • Physical custody
  • Legal custody
  • Safety concerns
  • Vacations

Because of the incredible number of decisions that will be made while developing a parenting plan, it is important to ensure your best interests and the best interests of your children are protected during the negotiation and creation process. Therefore, it is highly advised that you retain the services of a family attorney from The Clarke Law Firm.

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