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When Donald Trump becomes our 45th President in January of next year, he will also become our country's most-divorced President in history, and the only one in history to have been divorced multiple times. His current wife, Melania, is his third spouse.

In fact, this is a dramatic shift from a trend that has seen Presidential marriages hold remarkably strong, even through multiple cases of infidelity that went public.


The only other President to take office after having been divorced was another Republican: Ronald Reagan. Reagan divorced his first spouse early in his life, but remarried quickly and it was this second marriage to Nancy that was so solid and functional that voters didn't really care.

Marriage has held significant sway in political power since some of the earliest days of centralized government, and the same holds true today. In fact, Presidential marriages have withstood multiple instances of affairs and infidelity. No President has divorced during their term in office, including the likes of Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy (allegedly), and Bill Clinton.

Speaking of the Clintons, there is perhaps no better modern example of a marriage staying together for political gain. Bill, the 42nd President, was impeached for lying to Congress regarding his affair with a White House intern, but had his charges dropped and was not forced to resign his post. All the while, his wife Hillary stood by his side before going on to become a Senator in New York. She nearly became the first female President herself with the help of her closest political ally.

Two Presidents, John Tyler and Woodrow Wilson, had the unfortunate sadness of losing their spouse while in the White House, but both re-married during their term.

Finally, to this date, only one man managed to become President while retaining his title of “bachelor.” James Buchanan served just one term, from 1857 to 1861, and never married throughout his life. Today, some historians believe that Buchannan was actually our first gay President, however since that was still considered taboo at the time, it's easy to imagine why he never openly came out about his sexuality.

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