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When you get divorced, your attorney will likely ask standard questions, such as:

  • How long were you married?

  • Do you have children?

  • When did you separate from your spouse?

  • What is your income?

  • What is your spouse's income?

  • What property do you and your spouse own?

  • What property do you and your spouse own separately?

However, there are other important questions that your lawyer might not ask you. These questions can have a significant impact on your divorce. In this blog, we explain important questions that your attorney should have the answers to.

Are You Sure You Want to Divorce?: Your attorney will likely be working with you under the assumption that you are trying to permanently end your marriage. However, if you are actually hoping that your spouse will have a change of heart and want to reconcile, you should let your attorney know. There's no shame in wanting your marriage to work out, just let your lawyer know about your intentions so that you are not at odds with your representation.

Do You or Your Spouse Have any Pending Lawsuits?: A divorce accounts for all aspects of you and your spouse's married life. Your lawyer should be informed about pending litigation so that they can adjust and prepare a strong legal strategy for you.

Are There Any Immigration Issues?: If you and your spouse are not citizens of the United States, your attorney needs to be prepared for any VISA issues that might arise. Marriage can affect the status of a spouse. When a marriage ends, a spouse's immigration status can sometimes change.

Did You Sign a Pre-Nuptial or Post-Nuptial Agreement?: These two agreements can significantly impact the outcome of a divorce settlement. Inform your lawyer if you have signed either of these two agreements.

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