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Divorce is a huge decision that will fundamentally impact the very foundations of your life and your family. When you and your spouse decide to get a divorce, you should also carefully consider how to file and when to file. Believe it or not, immediately going out and starting the divorce process after making the decision to file for divorce can be a fundamentally huge mistake which can wind up hurting your entire family in the long run. Let's take closer look at what things you should take into account when choosing a time to file for divorce.


Over the course of the year, your family will have a number of major events, ranging from things like major holidays to even serious life events. There are also major life events that need to be considered. Is your daughter getting married? Getting a divorce the week prior will certain throw a wrench into those plans and possibly ruin the day she's been looking forward to her entire life. What about a son who is graduating from college soon? Getting a divorce a month prior could cause serious emotional strain in the final months of his education. These are all extremely busy times, and filing for divorce close to them can be seen as both insulting and do serious damage to the fabric of your family.


It's not uncommon for an entire family to receive their health insurance through the primary breadwinner. So when spouses get divorced, the other parent could lose their health insurance. While it's fairly common for divorce terms to dictate that the spouse who provided the health insurance for the children before to continue to provide the insurance, there usually isn't such a provision for the other parent. Health insurance can be expensive: well in excess of $1,000 per month for even a healthy middle-aged person with no bad habits like heavy drinking or smoking. Sometimes both spouses work but one spouse simply didn't elect to take the insurance their own employer could provide them because they were already covered under their partner's employment. If this is the case, opting to file for divorce around the time of a benefits election period can ensure uninterrupted coverage.


Business ownership often plays a huge role in divorce proceedings as spouses, and major deals like going public with a business or selling it for a massive financial gain are all reasons to delay a divorce. Since it's extremely likely that both spouses contributed to a business's rise and growth, it only makes sense that both spouses be able to reap the rewards, and delaying a divorce until the financial gain is fully completed will ensure both spouses are able to take away their fair share.

When you factor in all of these things, the time that usually winds up working out the best for most families is sometime in the early part of the year. It should come as no surprise then that January is one of the most popular months for people to file for divorce. With the holidays completed, the new year starting, and many business transactions being completed with the end of the year, the conditions are ideal for many people to make this huge change in their lives.

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