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DUI Charges: What To Do Next

Defending DUI Charges in Murfreesboro, TN

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Are you facing a driving under the influence (DUI) charge in Murfreesboro, Tennessee? Has a loved one been arrested for a drunk driving offense in a nearby area? If so, you will need to speak with a qualified Murfreesboro DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible. When arrested for DUI, your driving privileges and license will be in jeopardy and fast action will be needed to help prevent license suspension.

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  • Fast action to help protect your driver's license
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When you turn to Clarke Law Firm you can depend upon our competitive pricing and straightforward approach. For a consultation, contact our Murfreesboro criminal defense lawyers today at (615) 796-6299.

The Clarke Law Firm can be the strong legal advocate you need on your side to guide you through this scary and uncertain time. Attorney David Clarke is a recognized member of the prestigious Top 100 Trial Lawyers by National Trial Lawyers. Led by Attorney Clarke, our firm strives to provide each of our clients with aggressive defense representation and exemplary client service.

How DUI Charges Are Handled in TN

If you were operating (or were in the physical control of) a motor vehicle while on any premises generally frequented by the public with a BAC level of 0.08% or more, you can be charged with drunk driving. Residents of Tennessee should be aware, however, that this charge is up to the discretion of a police officer, who can pull you over for any type of erratic driving behavior.

If you are convicted of a DUI offense in Tennessee you can face severe penalties, including:

  • Jail time, starting at 48 hours for a first time offense or up to 8 years for a fourth offense
  • Fines, starting at $350 for a first time offense or up to $15,000 for a fourth offense
  • License suspension, starting at one year for a first time offense or up to an indefinite length of time for a fourth offense
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device, mandatory regardless of the number of offenses committed

Don't Allow a DUI Conviction to Follow You for the Rest of Your Life!

Our legal system is complex and to navigate through it successfully you will need the knowledge and experience of a seasoned criminal defense attorney. At Clarke Law Firm, our Murfreesboro DUI defense attorneys provide high quality and committed DUI representation. Attorney Clarke can practice in all state courts in Tennessee and can provide you with legal services in either English or Spanish.

Our legal team is determined to pursue the best possible results for you. For more information about how we can help you, contact our office now.

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