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Facing DUI Charges?

Being convicted of DUI can ruin your life, multiple convictions even more so. Experienced DUI attorneys know that you have rights and will work hard to protect those rights. Murfreesboro DUI attorneys have experience in protecting their clients’ rights and driving privileges. They know that being cited for DUI does not automatically lead to a conviction.

Murfreesboro DUI lawyers understand that the consequences for violations involving your SCRAM device can be severe. SCRAM devices are very reliable, but, just like any other piece of electronic equipment, they are not error free. DUI attorneys understand the details of the law and know how to represent those facing the severe consequences of Tennessee DUI law.


If you have been pulled over and cited for DUI, you don’t have to go it alone. There are DUI lawyers in Murfreesboro who can help you face these charges and work toward having the charges dismissed or the penalties greatly reduced.