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Five Crimes Common during the Holidays

The holidays may be a time for good will and generosity, but criminals do not stop just for a celebration. In fact, the holidays often see a sharp rise in a few different types of crimes due to the nature of certain behaviors around this time. In this blog, we’ll examine a few of these crimes that occur commonly around the holidays.


Between the economy still being sluggish and the increasing cost of living, having the money for the holidays can be a difficult for some people. In this instance, it is not uncommon for people to use a busy shop with distracted employee as a way to slip something into their pocket or bag and walk out without paying. To combat this, most stores also increase their security and loss-prevention staffing.


Remember the bumbling burglars from the movie Home Alone? They kept surveillance on a neighborhood in order to pick out homes where residents had left before breaking in and stealing their valuables. This actually happens fairly frequently, and in fact many burglars now simply turn to social media posts to figure out who has left town, making their house a primary target for burglary.


A lot of holiday shopping is now done online. Because of this, tech-savvy criminals have found numerous ways to steal personally-identifiable information from people looking to purchase gifts on the web. This is not to say don’t do your shopping online; but before entering any credit card information, make sure your computer is clean and free of any viruses, malware, or key-logging software.


Does this perfect gift seem like it came about at exactly the right time at a price that’s too good to be true? It probably is. Because advertising usually ramps up significantly during the holidays, scam artists will also try to perpetuate their schemes and many times people who are already in a buying mood will fall right into them. Be wary of offers that may seem suspicious or too-convenient, particularly online.


It’s not uncommon for people to maybe have a little too much eggnog or hot cider at a party, and then jump behind the wheel to head home. When you combine this with slippery roads due to adverse weather, you get a recipe for potential disaster. Police usually step up their efforts to take down intoxicated drivers during the holidays to try to prevent these accidents from happening, and that means a lot of DUI arrests and charges.

If you are facing charges for these or any other crimes this holiday season, do not attempt to face them without the skilled advocacy of a Murfreesboro criminal defense attorney. At The Clarke Law Firm, we have considerable experience helping those facing the potential penalties of the law. We recognize that in many cases criminal charges are levied against good people caught in a bad spot, and we fight diligently to protect them and their future.

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