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Murfreesboro, Rutherford County TN Circuit Criminal Court

Currently, the fifth-most populated county within Tennessee, the city of Murfreesboro sits within Rutherford County in the geographic center of the state on the outlining regions of Nashville. Rutherford County TN Circuit Criminal Court serves the residents of Murfreesboro.

Image of a tringle of stacked cannon balls from the Murfreesboro Civil War National Battlefield, Murfreesboro, TN

Murfreesboro Civil War National Battlefield, Murfreesboro, TN

County Functions

Local government consists of a collection of 21 county commissioners, each elected to serve a four-year term to represent single-member districts. That means any local government concerns can be addressed by citizens to the commissioner representing their respective district. This system offers some advantages over other commission seats that have at-large representatives; since each commission has its own district, they can provide better attention to the concerns within their district rather than the entire county.

The area also encourages citizen participation in the community and government. Currently, Rutherford County has planned several open houses to discuss and evaluate the County’s comprehensive plans for the county’s future.

Employment and Growth

As the population continues to grow, economic opportunities have been shown to grow as well. According to the 2010 census, the median household income within Rutherford County was $53,770, and the median family income stood at $63,483.

County and city government and school district workers make up the largest portion of the area’s employment, although Middle Tennessee State University and Amazon also rank among the top employers within the Murfreesboro and Rutherford County area.

The city of Murfreesboro’s website includes a Frequently Asked Questions page addressing a wide variety of questions such as:

· how to apply for a food truck license

· how to contact the Mayor

· where to send property tax payments

· how to obtain a permit for a controlled burn on your property

· whether the fire department can be summoned to get your cat out of a tree (no, really)

· how to obtain a building permit, or how to find out if you can alter the use of a building on your property

· what days to set out your garbage for collection, and how much the annual garbage fees will be in a given year

· how public transportation works, including the annual cost for transportation passes and information about routes and time

· the correct way to reserve a picnic shelter

Regarding the Criminal Court

The Circuit Court-Circuit Criminal Court of Rutherford County handles every felony/misdemeanor case that occurs in the county by means of a grand jury. The office also serves as the record keeper for all criminal court records, including the maintaining of records and the collection of any costs associated with the court. The Court includes juvenile court, domestic court, probation, recovery services, and youth concerns.

The Rutherford County Circuit Court Clerk, an elected official, is responsible for every case filing, the processing of those filings, and the final disposition of each case including the Civil and Criminal law procedures in Juvenile, Civil & Criminal General Sessions, Circuit Civil, and Circuit Criminal Courts. The position of the clerk appears on the ballot every four years and does not currently have a term limit. The same individual can be elected to the officer for longer than eight years. Currently Melissa Harrell is the Rutherford County Circuit Court Clerk.

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