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Were you arrested for DUI this labor day weekend?

Labor Day is traditionally one of the most deadly weekends of the year in terms of fatalities caused by drunk drivers. This means that every year law enforcement steps up their efforts to catch these intoxicated motorists before they can cause these potentially lethal collisions, meaning there is a massive influx of DUI arrests.

If you were arrested and charged with DUI this weekend, it is important to obtain legal representation from a skilled Murfreesboro DUI lawyer from The Clarke Law Firm. Attorney David L. Clarke has over a decade of experience representing those who have been criminally accused, including numerous DUI cases. He understands the incredible pressure a potential DUI conviction places on your life, and fights hard to defend you against your charges with aggressive defense strategies.


The year 2016 was already not off to a great start, with the number of fatalities in every vehicle type increasing from the year previous, except for large trucks. In total, the National Safety Council estimated that this would be the most deadly year for DUI accidents since 2008, predicting over 400 in the time between Friday and Monday.

As a result, nearly every state in the union increased their number of patrols on the roads during these days as part of the national “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign. Police everywhere set up additional sobriety checkpoints and patrol cars were extra aware, looking for drivers who may be a threat to those around them.


Attorney David Clarke of The Clarke Law Firm is a local attorney who is familiar with the nuances and finer details of the laws of our state of Tennessee, and may be able to assist you with achieving the best outcome of your case. He has earned a substantial record of success in many criminal defense cases, and may be able to assist you in keeping your rights to drive without restriction.

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