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What’s The Penalty For A Drug Crime? (Video)

Leading Murfreesboro criminal defense attorney David Clarke discusses Tennessee Drug Laws. Clarke Law Firm has many years of experience defending their clients in Tennessee against drug charges and other offenses.


Common ones are cocaine or methamphetamine, any kind of illicit drugs. Those kinds of charges are more serious than a simple possession marijuana. They’re harder to deal with anyways. Obviously, on any criminal charge, my job is to help people stay out of jail, Number 1, and minimize any effects on their record, any permanent effects that they’re going to have because that will affect their job prospects going forward or voting rights or gun rights. It can affect a lot of different things. I take all those cases very seriously to try to minimize people’s consequences as best as possible. Generally speaking, people are much better dealing with – going to rehab and dealing with a drug addiction if they have it rather than getting thrown in a jail cell. It’s my job to help the client, humanize the clients to the prosecutor to help them get a good result in that case rather than just going sitting in a jail cell which isn’t going to help any – is not going to help them or society in the long run.

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