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Will I Lose My Driver’s License if Convicted of a DUI?

First of all, it’s important to note the penalties for being convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) depend on the location and the specific details of the crime in question. A first time DUI in Florida is likely different from the third DUI offense in Tennessee.

Person pulled over for possible dui in Florida. Well he lose his drivers license?

That being said, the loss of a driver’s license will always remain a very real possibility in every situation involving a DUI conviction.

DUI Quick Notes

It’s important to remember that DUIs, while commonly understood to involve operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, refers to driving under the influence of a variety of substances, both legal and illegal.

As such, law enforcement officials can charge anyone with a DUI if the person was operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, on a drug like marijuana or cocaine, or experiencing negative side effects from a legally prescribed medication. A DUI charge will seek to address the danger an impaired driver presents to themselves and the public before taking a look at the substance causing the impairment in question.

Loss of Driver’s License

The state of Tennessee has strict penalties for DUI offenses even for refusing to submit to a blood alcohol test. In those situations, the penalties include:

• First Offense: Revocation of Driver’s License for 1 year

• Second Offense: Revocation of Driver’s License for 2 years

• DUI Crash Resulted in Bodily Injury: Revocation of Driver’s License for 2 years

• DUI Crash Resulted in Death: Revocation of Driver’s License for 5 years

Other Tennessee penalties for DUI offenses can include:

• First Offense: License revocation for 1 year

• Second Offense: License revocation for 2 years

• Third Offense: License revocation for 6 years

• Fourth Offense: License revocation for 8 years

• Vehicular Assault: License revocation from 1 to 5 years according to the number of prior offenses

• Child Endangerment: License revocation

• Vehicular Homicide: License revocation for 3-10 years/NO restricted license available

Please note that, for the first offense through the fourth offense, the convicted individual may still have the option to earn a restricted license to operate a motor vehicle.

Applicable Fees

For Implied Consent/Refusal to Submit to Blood Alcohol convictions, the fees can include:

• A reinstatement fee of $100

• A filing of financial responsibility fee of $50

• A possible failure to surrender a driver’s license fee of $75

Drug-Free Youth Act Offenses and Underage Possession of Alcohol

• $20 reinstatement fee

• A possible $75 fee for failure to surrender your driver’s license

All other DUI Type Offenses

• $100 reinstatement fees

• $3 certification fee (if the violation occurred in Tennessee)

• $50 fee if filing of financial responsibility was required

• $75 fee for failure to surrender a driver’s license may be required

Also, regardless of the offense in question, it’s possible you may be required to apply for a new, valid license and be responsible for the appropriate driver’s license fees.

We Can Help

Keep in mind all of these penalties and fees represent the potential consequences of a DUI conviction. If you have been charged with a DUI, having an experienced attorney is important. To learn more about how the Clarke Law Firm can help you with a DUI charge, contact us today.