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A DUI Conviction Takes Emotional Toll

In addition to the possibilities of jail time, heavy fines, and the loss of driving privileges, being convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, can also result in heavy emotional consequences. If you have been charged with a DUI, your first call should be to David Clarke, a top DUI defense lawyer.

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Obviously, DUI charges mean you are accused of creating a potential danger to yourself as well as others on the road. As such, the penalties for a DUI conviction are serious even for first-time convicted offenders. Fines and jail time are both possible penalties. But what is not always considered is the heavy emotional toll that being accused or convicted of a DUI can bring. You may feel badly long after the case is resolved or your punishment has been completed. You may experience social shaming and long-term feelings of anxiety and depression.

A DUI conviction itself will not necessarily result in mental health problems, but anyone dealing with issues of depression or anxiety should seek help from a qualified healthcare professional.

Social Shame

Anyone that has been charged with a crime, even misdemeanors, can tell you how embarrassing the situation can become. If you have been accused of a DUI, you may experience a sense of shame especially if you do not believe the charge is an accurate reflection of what happened. The accusation itself creates concern that your reputation among your family, work colleagues, and the community will be permanently damaged. You will be relieved when you are not convicted and others will know you were wrongly accused.

For example, if you inform your family of the DUI conviction, it can result in family members expressing loss of trust, feelings of disappointment, lecturing you on your behaviors and maybe even about your whole life! A DUI conviction will solidify, for some, those negative opinions creating a permanent distance between you and your spouse and your children.

Outside the home, news of a DUI conviction can lead to the deterioration or outright loss of social connections. You become the object of shame or ridicule. Gossips won’t hesitate to spread the bad news. Some friends may become hesitant to invite you and your family to parties, barbecues, or other social events. Your church group or volunteer organizations might discourage you from participating in certain events.

Sadly, people may also go out of their way to shame you on social media for the conviction, too, claiming that you deserve to suffer or that you haven’t suffered enough. Imagine if someone posts their opinion on Facebook! Today’s social media is a powerful and sometimes reckless tool.


A DUI conviction in Tennessee will stay on your record for the rest of your life. The reality of living with that consequence can lead to feelings of severe anxiety over situations including:

· Potential employers may decide to pass on hiring you due to the conviction.

· Social organizations may be hesitant to include you.

· Friends and family will forever judge you for the conviction

The conviction can cause you to be forever worried about why a reaction happens, even if it has nothing to do with your conviction. Not knowing can make you fearful and anxious.


Depression can be generated by a sense of helplessness to deal with the situation. You may feel overwhelmed and unable to make decisions or be active. Depending on the consequences of a DUI conviction, a person can experience very acute feelings of depression over the loss of control of their life.

Since a DUI conviction can result in the loss of your license and driving privileges you would have trouble going to work and providing transportation to family members which can create in you a sense of perceived uselessness. A DUI conviction can result in you feeling isolated and abandoned which leads to strong feelings of depression.

You Need to Fight Against Conviction

Being accused is bad enough but being convicted is worse. If you or a loved one has been charged with a DUI in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, you need a compassionate and experienced DUI defense attorney, like David Clarke, to help you in your time of need.

Let Mr. Clarke rigorously defend you against such charges, so you avoid fines, jail time, and any of the emotional problems discussed here. A police officer’s suspicions do not mean they are right. It’s important to have an attorney that understands the defense strategies that are needed so you can avoid conviction and a criminal record.

Contact the Clarke Law Firm today and let us help. Our number is (615) 796-6299.