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Tennessee DUI Laws (video)

Leading Murfreesboro criminal defense attorney David Clarke discusses Tennessee DUI laws and penalties. Clarke Law Firm has many years of experience defending their clients in Tennessee against DUI charges and other offenses.

Tennesse DUI Laws

” Tennessee has very strict DUI laws. They frequently go back every year and change that law and make it more strict. It’s definitely more strict than most states. On a DUI, first, if convicted, it has a mandatory minimum of at least two days in jail, can go up to 30 days in jail depending on the circumstances, depending on how high the level of alcohol, depending on if there’s minor children in the vehicle. There’s several different aggravating factors, but it has mandatory jail time. It has mandatory license being revoked. There’s a process to be able to get a restricted license during the one year of revocation, but your license gets revoked. There’s court costs and fines. There’s classes involved, DUI safety classes. There’s definitely a lot at stake on a DUI, a lot of mandatory minimum punishments if convicted of a DUI. My job is to try to help people either get that, in a best-case scenario, get that DUI dismissed or reduced, or in a worst-case scenario, minimize those consequences as much as possible. “

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