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Bonnaroo Arrests in 2015?

Every June thousands of individuals from around the country descend upon a farm in Manchester, Tennessee for the famous four-day music festival, Bonnaroo. And every year hundreds of arrests are made in connection to the festival-goers.


Every year since Bonnaroo’s beginning in 2002, individuals arrested for Bonnaroo-related criminal offenses, in Coffee County, were sent a letter from the District Attorney’s office that instructed the defendant to pay a contribution to the Coffee County Drug Fund, or another comparable entity, then the criminal charge would essentially be dismissed. All in all, the more serious the offense charged, the higher the monetary contribution requested. No probation was involved, even for serious drug offenses.

However, in 2014, Coffee County residents elected a new District Attorney who made it clear that the Bonnaroo letters would cease. He indicated that, in 2015, arrests made at Bonnaroo would be treated like any other criminal prosecution in Coffee County. What this means for Bonnaroo-goers is that if you are arrested for any criminal offense while you are in Coffee County for Bonnaroo, you will no longer be able to pay a contribution fee and walk free. You will be required to make court appearances, and your case will be prosecuted like any other criminal offense case in the Coffee County court system.

If you are charged with a criminal drug offense in Coffee County in relation with Bonnaroo this year, know that you will need a knowledgeable criminal attorney to help you navigate the legal process. You need to consult with an attorney who has experience dealing with the Coffee County District Attorney’s Office. Mr. David Clarke is a skilled criminal defense lawyer who has practiced law in Coffee County and who will work to protect your rights.