Rape of a Child defense


Any crime involving the sexual exploitation of a minor carries severe consequences in the state of Tennessee. Because the rape of a child and child molestation are crimes that are so heinous, in Tennessee if convicted, you can face harsh penalties including lengthy prison time.

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The charges of raping a child and/or engaging in child molestation rank as some of the heaviest legal charges in the country. If convicted, the social ostracization you will be subject to, including from family and loved ones, is an additional punishment.

Defending yourself is not easy. That is why you will need the skills and experience of Murfreesboro criminal defense lawyer, David L. Clarke

Age of Consent

First of all, it’s important to understand why the state observes a zero-tolerance policy regarding sexual crimes involving minors. In addition to the severity of the acts themselves, the state’s age of consent prohibits a minor from giving any form of consent to the actions.

Anyone under the age of 18 in the state of Tennessee cannot legally give consent to such activities because, in the eyes of the law, they have a different legal standing compared to adults. Because the law does not recognize minors as adults, the state works on the basis that their age prohibits them from supplying consent, even if the individual in question understands what is being asked of them.

It’s the same legal basis that prevents a minor from joining the military or applying for a bank loan without having a legal adult co-sign on the application. But whereas exceptions can be made to the age of consent rule with a parent or legal guardian, no such protection exists for situations involving sexual exploitation.

Also, because consent cannot be given, any sex crimes involving minors would automatically qualify as exploitation.

Strategic Defense Against Accusations of Rape of a Child /Child Molestation

Attorney Clarke would look critically at the evidence law enforcement gathered. 

For one thing, he would look at the statement of the child and under what circumstances was the statement obtained. The child may have told someone who does not like the accused, that the accused raped them or touched them inappropriately for example if the child told his dad that mom’s new boyfriend did this. The case could be made that Dad may have influenced the child for his own personal vendetta against his ex. Situations like this can undermine the reliability of the statement.

Another challenge could be made about the medical evidence obtained. Perhaps the prosecution is stating the evidence such as genital irritation or a rash is caused by rape or sexual molestation. Since there could be other reasons for irritations in this area, challenging the reliability of the prosecution conclusion is a good defense.

In any case, you get the idea. Challenge evidence, question the veracity of people involved, and leave no stone unturned to prove the innocence of the accused. Since a conviction in this type of crime is so damaging, Attorney Clarke will work hard to defend your rights and reputation.

Why Representation Matters

Your freedom, reputation, and family can all be in jeopardy if you are convicted of a crime. You could face jail time, hefty fines, and have a criminal record. When so much is at stake, you need to work with a skilled and experienced Murfreesboro criminal defense attorney who can make sure an arrest or charge has a minimal impact on your life and future.

Attorney Clarke understands you have a right to a fair trial based on solid evidence and not on the hysterics that may surround a offense of this nature.

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