What Can Be Considered an Assault?

The primary factor that decides whether a charge qualifies as “assault” comes down to intention. No Jokes Allowed? It’s important to note here the impact of the intention in question refers more to the victim of the assault in question. If the person who committed the assault did so without the intention of causing harm, […]

Will I Lose My Driver’s License if Convicted of a DUI?

First of all, it’s important to note the penalties for being convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) depend on the location and the specific details of the crime in question. A first time DUI in Florida is likely different from the third DUI offense in Tennessee. That being said, the loss of a driver’s […]

When to Ask for a Lawyer during DUI stop?

There’s an old saying that “only the guilty ask for a lawyer.” That old saying has never been true. The right to legal representation comes primarily from the need for anyone unfamiliar with the legal process to find a professional to help them navigate the overwhelming and intimidating world of legal due process. If you […]

Types of Drug Offenses

While the list of controlled and illegal substances applies to a variety of drugs, the specific type of drug charges tend to be fairly straightforward. Depending on the state in question, the U.S. law system tends to stick with five specific charges when it comes to illegal drugs. Simple Possession Having an illegal drug on […]

Can Police Search My Car in a DUI Stop

To be brief, yes, but that answer does come with a few conditions that have to be considered in every situation. Generally speaking, a law enforcement officer has to determine some manner of suspicious activity before attempting to pull over and question a driver for driving under the influence or engaging in a DUI. How […]

What is Probation

Probation refers to a form of punishment for misdemeanor/felony convictions that allows the convicted defendant to avoid jail time in favor of a supervised release. However, the defendant may face some level of restriction during the period of probation, and any violations of the probation can result in greater punishment. Sentencing Options When facing a […]