What’s The Penalty For A Drug Crime? (Video)

Leading Murfreesboro criminal defense attorney David Clarke discusses Penalty For A Drug Crime

Leading Murfreesboro criminal defense attorney David Clarke discusses Tennessee Drug Laws. Clarke Law Firm has many years of experience defending their clients in Tennessee against drug charges and other offenses. Transcript: Common ones are cocaine or methamphetamine, any kind of illicit drugs. Those kinds of charges are more serious than a simple possession marijuana. They’re […]

Should I Take a Breathalyzer

Leading Murfreesboro criminal defense attorney, David Clarke answers a common question about breathalyzers in a DUI stop. DUI (Driving Under the Influence) is a common traffic stop in Tennessee. If you have been stopped, it may be because the officer suspects you have been driving impaired because of drinking alcohol. A breathalyzer is a tool […]

What is Drug Trafficking in Tennessee

drug trafficking

While drug trafficking can occur in any U.S. state, the penalties for the crime can vary depending on location and a variety of other factors. The state of Tennessee has its own unique challenges and penalties for drug trafficking, applicable to even small amounts of controlled substances. Trafficking Definition The state of Tennessee defines drug […]

Does DUI Mean Drugs, Too?

Police Officer Interrogating Criminal In Handcuffs At Desk

While driving under the influence, or DUI, generally gets used as a term to describe drunk driving, a DUI can apply whenever the driver of a vehicle appears to be under the influence of an unknown substance. Quick Definitions A DUI charge generally refers to legal substances (such as alcohol), illegal substances (cocaine, heroin, etc.), […]

Pulled Over for A DUI? Am I Required to Take Blood Test?

In Tennessee, the answer to this question in the past was “No,” with a few exceptions. However, as of January 1, 2012, a change in Tennessee law in regard to compelled chemical tests changes this answer. The new changes in the law expand those precious few exceptions to create more situations in which a police […]